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Why Should You Have A Coach Or Mentor?

One thing I have come to recognise is that in the UK especially, having a business or a life coach is still something that is not widely understood, accepted or valued by the vast majority of people.

It is commonly accepted that if you want to improve your health and physique then it makes sense to hire a personal trainer. It’s also now far more understood and accepted that if you’re going through a difficult time you might want to seek help from hiring a professional therapist or counsellor.

Yet the vast majority of people still do not understand what having a coach is all about and why anybody would think of investing a lot of money into having one.

However, at 30 years old, after many years of striving to be better but ultimately making myself feel more depressed and unfulfilled, I am now currently able to honestly say I am living my very best life.

I’m undoubtedly the healthiest, most fulfilled and most content that I have ever been. I also have the most clarity on who I truly am and what I have to offer to the world as well as feeling the least amount of stress and pressure, having the most amount of confidence and self-belief and also being the in the best place financially that I’ve ever been.

I can categorically tell you that one of the biggest reasons for all of this is because I decided to start working with my own coach a couple of years ago.

Having somebody there to understand you, your needs, your values and your goals and then to be able to hold you accountable to what you say you want to achieve, push you on the days you don’t feel motivated, inspire you on the days where you lack the drive an inspiration and then guide you when you feel lost has been an absolute game changer to me in my life and business.

We can look at the behaviours, habits and routines of the successful people in life and we can learn from them and model what it is they actually do.

I’ve yet to find a professional and successful sports team that do not have a coach. And the same can be said for professional athletes who as far as I can see, all surround themselves with the best possible team to coach and mentor them to be the best they can fully be and give them the best possible chances of winning in their given sports.

Actors look to work with the best acting coaches. Singers look for the best singing coaches. Millionaires get mentors who are multimillionaires. Multimillionaires are mentored by the billionaires.

So why wouldn’t YOU have a coach or mentor for your life and business if you were serious about genuinely being the best you could be having laugh success?


Below are just some of the main reasons why you should employ a coach or Mentor to work with you.

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“The vast majority of people still do not understand what having a coach is all about

Matt Hall

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You allow fear to hold you back

One of the biggest things that I see holding people back from achieving more in their life and business is fear.  Fear of judgement, fear of failure and even fear of success Will stop what is Sophia? I like to say it stands for false evidence appearing real.

Fear is a perception and is also a choice in any given moment we can choose to see that things are going to give us confidence and empowers was or we can focus on the negatives of the things that will make us what the confidence and disempower ores.

The difference is that successful people know how to find their inner strenght and use that fear to grow as a person, instead of holding them back.

If you’re having trouble overcoming your fears, you need a life coach.

A good coach can help you name your fears, understand those fears on a deeper level, take positive and progressive action regardless of the fears and learn how to use them as a force for success.

A coach can also help you transform the way you think about your fears today and shift your perspective so that your focus is on emphasising your positive traits, instead of focusing on your limiting beliefs and the fears that come with them.

You currently feel lost and lack some clarity

Are you still searching for your career path 10 years out of school? 

Are you currently feeling unfulfilled at work or in your relationship?

Or are you feeling generally unsure about what you want to be doing, even though you know it’s not what you’re doing right now?

Feeling lost can often lead people to start to think, “Should I get a life coach?”

Is you can resonate with any of the above points, my advice would be you defiantely should employ a life coach or mentor. 

A great coach will help you to clarify your values so you can set meaningful goals for yourself and create an actionable plan.

Sometimes, you just need help getting to the next level.

Progress equals happiness, and a strong life Coach can help you achieve progress in the areas of your life that matter. While success takes work, dedication and time, a Coach not only helps you set goals and make an clear action plan, but also consistently provides support, guidance, encouragement and the tools, tips, methods or strategy that will help you to create strong progress. Friends and family can provide advice and listen to you vent.

But you need a life coach if you want to determine what really matters to you in an honest way and make a strategic plan on how to move forward.

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“Sometimes you just need help getting to the next level”

Matt Hall

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You have self destructive habits

Most of us sabotage our own success -and sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re doing it.

We often take two steps forward and three steps back: eating healthy during the week and bingeing on weekends, or allowing a relationship to deteriorate due to jealousy or insecurity.

Drinking too much. Spending too much time on social media.

These are all ways that we waste time and sabotage ourselves – and they could be indicators that you need a life coach. 

 A life coach can help you make better decisions, become far more self-aware, create a better daily routine and cut out self-destructive habits. If you’re ready to break out of old patterns, a great life coach can help you overcome setbacks and achieve new growth.

You want to get better at your time management

Procrastinators everywhere have wondered, “Do I need a life coach?” at one time or another.

You know that putting off until tomorrow what you need to do today isn’t going to get you anywhere, but sometimes you need help staying on task.

A fantastic life coach can help you break through these counterproductive patterns. They’ll teach you valuable time management skills, like chunking things down and how to create time targets.

If you don’t have any time or resources to waste as you strive toward your goals, a life Coach or business mentor can help you achieve more with less by finding solutions to plateaus or challenges you’re facing, helping you get to your end game faster.

A life Coach will show you that you don’t need more resources to get what you want, but you need to maximise your resourcefulness.

Are you now ready to truly commit to being the very best you can be?

If you want to achieve some real results NOW, gain clarity, overcome fear, build your confidence, create a clear action plan and have the support, guidance, accountability and motivation from Matt Hall, one of the UK’s very best business and life coach and mentors, fill out the enquiry form today.

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